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Our home is the deepest and the most visible of our character, habits and life. Whether we are sincere or not and we try to sweep the dust under the carpet, our home is a map for the others to interpret us. Each single room is a side of our personality, to enhance this aspect in this work rooms have proper names.

A dress is a home in a home, it’s the closest wrap. In this sense the way we dress our body has something to do with the way we dress our space. Clothing used to evolve faster than houses, but now interior design follows a fashion timing and we are more than ever asked to re-think continuously our double cocoon.

The similarity of the words “abito”, dress, and “abitare”, to live, in Italian language underlines the close connection between these concepts.     

september 4th, 2012 

inspired by
ingo maurer's zettel'z 6 lamp