about me

cause i'm a fashion lover.

i've studied fashion from communication to illustration,  through sartorial techniques.
working on the web sphere, i've evolved in a geek fashionista.
i strongly believe that there is nothing playful, exciting and, yes, let me say, deep as fashion.

my main character is a bird, la mésange bleue. curious, unable to stay still, loving urban nature as interested in humans and their style.  

i like strolling about cities. you can rarely find me at the seaside or in the mountains.

and i love books, despite my literature degree, my house is mostly invaded by fashion and costume history publications. another admission, my aspiration is owning the largest private fashion library ever. karl, you are warned!

finally, if you'll find some tea spots in my illustrations, it's because i'm depend. everyone has a weakness. at least, mine it's quite chic!